If you are a motor vehicle owner you will be well aware of the importance of having your car regularly serviced. This involves safety checks, oil changes, brake repairs and many other important components ensuring that your car runs well and performs at its best. This reduces the risk of breakdowns at the most inconvenient occasions.

In regards to SCUBA gear, this is exactly the same. The equipment we use as SCUBA divers is life support equipment and we would expect that it work’swhen we need it underwater.

All technicians managing and coordinating your SCUBA equipment servicing have been extensively trained and assessed via direct manufacturer training ensuring standards and procedures are always meet. This ultimately means your gear is maintained at the highest of specifications. We are qualified factory trained SCUBA equipment repair technicians.

The Adelaide Scuba Service Department has long standing relationships with the local and interstate diving community and is actively involved with managing numerous government and corporate equipment maintenance contracts.

Adelaide Scuba’s Service Department has completed thousands of services including SCUBA regulators, BCD’s, cylinders, cylinder valves and a variety of commercial diving equipment.

Prompt service is always our aim, although we will not compromise quality for speed.

Our policy is to complete the service or repair on your equipment within 5-7 working days during the winter months and 1-2 weeks during peak periods. Exceptions will be the age of your equipment and the availability of parts.


What work is performed in a standard service?

  • Initial function test & visual assessment
  • Disassemble, ultrasonic clean, inspect for corrosion and/or abnormal wear
  • Install genuine service kits and/or parts lubricate and reassemble
  • Adjust & tune to manufacturers specifications
  • Complete final testing and safety check

OXYGEN CLEAN (if required) – multi point varifying assessment including, but not limited to, all above procedures plus additional ‘BIOX’ wash & ultraviolet inspection.


Final Testing & Safety Checks

Our service repair technicians will perform a series of final checks; these ensure that when your gear leaves our service department it’s ready to dive.

When purchasing any SCUBA gear from Adelaide Scuba this check is also completed to ensure that when you walk away the equipment is ready for you to use on your next underwater adventure.

  • In Water Pressure Test
  • Air Leak Test
  • Intermediate Line Pressure
  • Inhalation and Exhalation Efforts
  • Mouthpiece Secured
  • Acceptable Purge
  • Hoses are Secured
  • Yoke or DIN Connection Secured
  • Computer Battery Check (if fitted)
  • All service work has a 90 day warranty guarantee.

Our SCUBA repair technicians are on hand 7 days a week, please feel free to contact us to discuss your equipment service management.