Individual Coaching

Over the years, many people have approached us for coaching and, whilst we believe whole-heartedly in the benefits of formal training, we also believe there is still a place for informal coaching. Coaching is different from training, coaching provides an environment where specific issues or skills can be addressed at a pace to suit the individual. It can be done 1 to 1, which delivers a highly rewarding experience.

So why might someone need coaching? We have coached many divers over the years, sometimes it’s just for a couple of hours, a single day, and/or sometimes it’s been a session now and again. Everyone has their own reasons. We contacted some of the people we have coached and asked them why they had decided to seek informal coaching. Maybe one of their reasons will sound familiar.



This is, unfortunately, more common than we would like. People sometimes just have a scare in the water and need to build up some confidence. There’s no real need for education here, just some exercises that build confidence in the water. If this described you, don’t worry, we’ll do our best to rekindle your confidence and get you diving again.



You may have an upcoming course that you are stressed about. A classic is that people are worried about not getting value for money out of the course because they are worried about one aspect, such as buoyancy, trim, equipment and/or reaching their valves. We can spend time working on the particular aspect that is worrying you, to ensure you get the most from your course. These are just some of the reasons why people have felt it might be useful to spend a day being coached. Whatever your needs, we’ll be happy to have a chat about it.



Buoyancy is a skill that, as divers, we should never cease to work at and improve. If you need some guidance on how to master buoyancy control and fine-tune your buoyancy skills, we’d be delighted to help. Together we can take the stress away from holding safety or decompression stops.


Team/Group Coaching

Coaching you and some friends as a team is not only very cost effective, but also incredibly powerful at building safe divers. We are a huge believer that there is no form of diving as safe or as enjoyable as that experienced within a close-knit, well trained team.  The components of a successful team are that all members must be well-trained, skilled divers. However, having excellent individual skills, whilst very important, is not enough to form a strong team in itself.



GUE training is the best way to learn robust team skills, but if you feel that GUE training is not right for you at the moment, or you have a team already in place that wants to work on skills together, then small group coaching for up to 3 people might be both the most beneficial and cost effective solution for you. As with individual coaching; group coaching provides an informal, relaxed atmosphere where your specific group needs can be addressed.


How Much Is Individual Coaching?

1 on 1 coaching is priced on a case-by-case basis determined by the specific goals of the individual. However, the usual price for a 3 hour session is AUD$180. This includes the instructor’s time and facility fee only.  You will need to pay for your own gas and relevant boat fees if required. This is far and away the most effective way to learn, because it means we can discuss your specific requirements in advance and build a session to suit your needs. You will be filmed underwater during the session and will get to review the action so to assist with your development. This footage can be kept for future reference so you can continue to learn from what we go through. Dates and times can be arranged to suit us both, so just give us a call on 8294 7744 or email us for more info.


How Much Is Group Coaching?

Small group coaching is again priced on a case-by-case basis, but is usually cheaper per person than individual coaching.  For example, a sessions coaching for 3 people is AUD$360. We price it this way to encourage friends to be coached together as a team, which we believe is the safest way to dive. Dates and times can be arranged to suit us both, so just give us a call on 8294 7744 or email us for more info.


Our Coaches

We believe that a good dive centre is not only based on the facilities and services provided but most importantly the support, guidance, dedication and professionalism of the staff is what really puts a centre above the rest.


Josh D’Ambrosio – Managing Director / GUE Instructor / PADI IDC Staff Instructor

“I am extremely excited about being a part of the scuba diving community and as a member of the instructor team I strive to provide exceptional diver education and development. My underwater adventures started in the early 90’s and as the years progressed my passion for diving grew with interests in deep, wreck, cave, mixed gas, underwater photography and videography. I began diving professionally within the diving industry over 10 years ago and as the current managing director of Adelaide Scuba here in South Australia I have a strong interest in diver training and development. Diving has provided me with many opportunities to travel to some incredible locations around the world including the Philippines, South Pacific, Micronesia and regions within Australia. I aim to continue to promote diver education, conservation and exploration with the aim to grow and develop diving communities across the globe. I have been involved in SCUBA coaching for some time now and have found it hugely beneficial to those who participate. I myself have completed many individual coaching sessions to progress my personal diving proficiency and would highly recommend it to others demanding better performance in their chosen underwater activities. I look forward to meeting you soon and discussing your individual and/or group coaching goals/aims and desires.”