Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on a diver’s ability to hold his or her breath until resurfacing rather than on the use of a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. Examples include breath-hold spear fishing, freedive photography, recreational breath-hold diving, apnea competitions, and to some degree, snorkeling.Freediving is ideal for anyone interested in exploring the underwater world.

With the team at Adelaide Scuba you can discover the essential techniques and elements that make up this dynamic and exciting sport and recreational activity. Book now and take the next Stage A freediving class or jump onboard our next training session and explore the world below in silence.

We offer Courses and training for all skill levels from beginners that have never put their head in the water to experienced freedivers, spearo’s, instructors, photographers and/or surfers. The Stage A class is the first step with Stages B & C available for advancing your skills and knowledge.

All freediving training is conducted with APNEA AUSTRALIA, Australia’s leading Freediving school devoted to teaching the art of Freediving in its various forms.The school is managed by ErezBeatus – Former world record holder and Australia’s most experienced instructor and trainer.All of our freedivinginstructors have gone travelled a long training path in order to guarantee a professional and personal course.

We generally schedule courses every couple of months depending on the demand although if you are wanting something specific i.e. custom group or individual training, contact us and we will do our best to design a program to best suit your needs.


The Beginning – Stage A

The Stage A course is aimed to provide basic knowledge of the different freediving categories, the important rules of freediving, responsible behaviour and the safest way to perform freediving while allowing the fastest improvement.


General Standards:

Minimum Age: 16 years


  • Academic Presentations
  • Workshops in Equipment, Breathing & Relaxation, Stretching, Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea & Emergency Management
  • 2 Ocean Dives
  • Internationally RecognisedCertification Package


On this course we will cover these subjects:
  • Freediving categories.
  • Safety for Freediving. Responsible behavior for Freediving.
  • The buddy system and the role of the buddy and diver in training.
  • Training session planning.
  • The difference between a depth session and a Spearfishing session.
  • Equipment for Freediving. Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Suit & Accessories.
  • Physiology for Freediving.
  • Proper breathing for Freediving. We will discuss the first of 3 stages of proper breathing.
  • Relaxation techniques for static training. Relaxation is the most important aspect of Static training.
  • Equalization techniques.
  • Preventing pressure injuries (barotraumas) whilst Freediving.
  • Freedive emergencies including proper techniques in avoiding and reacting to blackout and “surface samba” (loss of motor control).

Important Training Note: The emphasis is on energy efficient movement in the water.The main idea is to prolong the dive time and not only the depth.It is important to understand that with proper training and knowledge a freediver will improve the depth as well as the dive time.


General Class Schedule:
  • 6:00pm till 9:00pm – Course Orientation & Registration Session
  • 8:30am till 5:30pm – Academics, Static & Dynamic Training (swimming pool)
  • 8:00am till 4:00pm – Academics, Ocean Dives & Course Completion Activities

This schedule is an example of our recent classes although times may vary depending on the individual course demands in respect to weather conditions and participant capacities.