Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is a non-profit organization formed by leading explorers, researchers, and educators; these individuals are dedicated to the training of divers as well as the study and protection of the aquatic realm. GUE and its associated projects are responsible for conducting some of the world’s most remarkable dives, setting numerous world records in the process. The success of this group encouraged great interest in their diving and procedures. Of particular interest is the promotion of solid fundamental skills for all divers (recreational and technical) as well as their adherence to a common diving standard. This general standard requires the following:

  • Divers use the same equipment configuration; this enhances safety and efficiency.
  • Divers use the same well-defined set of breathing gases, including Nitrox, Helium and Oxygen; standard mixes eliminate complexity and greatly enhance safety.
  • Divers use a team approach during all dives, facilitating fun and safety.
  • Divers must have a solid grasp of fundamental diving skills, including refined buoyancy, trim and teamwork; these skills must be developed in concert with the type of dive pursued. More challenging dives require very high levels of skill development.

trainingimage-1 GUE Training

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