Unique Marine Life Tour

South Australia is a world class diving destination most famous for Leafy Seadragons and Giant Cuttlefish. However, there is much more to see: pristine reef systems, ship wrecks (some of historical importance, others sunk specifically for divers), muck diving and freshwater cave systems.

The Unique Marine Life Tour is designed to showcase some of South Australia’s best diving and provide divers the opportunity to explore, locate and identify a variety of creatures commonly found within our waters along with those that are extremely rare including, but not limited to, Leafy Seadragons, Giant & Pygmy Cuttlefish, Pyjama Squid, Anglerfish (Frogfish), Prowfish, Nudibranchs, Seahorses and Octopus.

The tours are fully guided by one or more of our local diving experts and can be as long or as short as required. We recommend a minimum of 1 day with an overnight stay being ideal to maximise your viewing opportunities.

For more customized tour options please contact the team and we will happily discuss the many options available and identify your ultimate unique marine life tour package.

The basic price includes transport to the dive set from our Glenelg Store (if required), your professional dive guide, 2 dives, equipment hire and drinks.

$220 per diver per day or bring a friend along with you for $180 per diver.

Trips are running NOW! Contact us for more info on your next adventure tour!

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